Kitchen Sink Strategy Sinks Clinton

by Idi Dover

With an Obama win in North Carolina and only a 2 % loss in the Indiana primary the nominee for the Democratic Party is blatantly obvious.   Barack Obama will be the Democratic Party Nominee and he will be the next president of the United States of America.  There was a period of uncertainty after the Pennsylvania primary.  Barack lost some of his magnetism, he didn’t perform well against Clinton in a debate, the controversy surrounding Reverend Jeremiah Wright took him off of his core message, and Clinton was in her best form yet.

It looked as if Clinton was in a position to win all of the next primaries by wide margins.  Clinton herself asked, “Why can’t he close the deal?”   She needs to now ask herself the same question.    She was supposed to be the inevitable nominee.  She has not lost, but she is not winning.    Clinton is in great form and she will keep fighting.  Although I am an Obama supporter, I want Clinton to stay in the race.  She is giving Obama the preparation he needs to face the Republicans in November.  Clinton’s kitchen sink strategy has been great for Obama.  There will be nothing the Republicans can bring up that Obama has not already dealt with.   The kitchen sink strategy is not helping Clinton win the nomination, but rather helping Obama win the Presidency.